Friday, 13 September 2013

Pressure Sensor

Sensetek offers pressure sensor and Melt pressure sensor with excellent Stability and accuracy. This sensors comes with all stainless steel sealed construction, corrosion-resistance, various configuration of O/P, Wide temperature compensation, signal output and double output, zero and span adjustable, with OEM model optional. Available in 0 - 200, 300, 450, 500, 600 and up to 2000* bar to combined accuracy of 0.25%FS, output signal 4~20mA 0~10V and Input 24V (12~36V) DC input, overload pressure 150% FS Excitation, operating temperature 400C ~ 1250C and 4500C for melt pressure sensor, Thread Mounting.
Application: Injection molding machine, Hydraulic press, Power packs, Polyester and Nylon extortion machine, Compressor etc,.Visit to know more:

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ceramic Infrared Heaters – Elmec Heaters

Ceramic infrared heating elements are efficient, robust heaters which provide long wave infrared radiation. They are used in a diverse range of industrial processes such as thermo forming, paint curing, printing and drying. They are also used very effectively in infrared outdoor heaters and infrared saunas.
Ceramic Infrared Technology
Ceramic elements operate in the temperature of 300°C to 700°C (572°F – 1292°F) producing infrared wavelengths in the 2 – 10 micron range. Most plastics and many other materials absorb infrared best in this range, which makes the ceramic heater the most efficient infrared radiant emitter on the market.
A range of aluminised steel reflectors are also available to ensure that most of the radiation generated is reflected forward on to the target area. For comfort heating utilising Ceramicx Ireland’s infrared technology

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

High density cartridge heaters - Elmec Heaters

Elmec High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters are manufactured with most advanced technology and quality raw materials, enables usage with high watts in small spaces and advanced manufacturing process ensures our heaters are vibration proof and thus ensures excellent reliability in heavy duty working conditions (Like Plastic Processing, Printing, Packaging and automobile industries where the heaters are subjected to heavy vibrations). 

The high performance is achieved by correct installation of the cartridge heaters. The perfect fitness of the heater in the hole facilitates good heat exchange between the surfaces of heater and mass to be heated thus increases the heater life and reduces energy loss.


Operating temperature of heater and fit size are major factors in determining the life expectancy of cartridge heaters.

Plastic Processing Machineries
Shoe Machinery
Injection Moulding Machine
Packaging Equipment
Blow Moulding Machine
Moulds & Dies
Plastic Extruder & Extrusion Dies
Rubber Industry
Hot Runner Moulds
Chemical Industry
Hot Stamping
Heating Liquids
Food Processing
Power Plants
Medical Equipment
Automobile Industries and many more applications.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hot runner heaters manufacturer in India - Elmec Heaters

Elmec hot runner heaters are made of nickel chrome resistance wire placed inside chrome nickel steel tube filled with mgo powder and compacted for faster and efficient heat transfer. The micro coil heaters are annealed to acquire malleability for bending into any shape. Hot runner heaters with built in thermo couple are also available. Hot runner bushes are produced with hot runner heaters of different cross section with inner brass and outer stainless steel cover.

Moulds & dies
Hot runner nozzles and spruce bushes
Packaging machineries
Injection moulding machine nozzle


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About Us - Elmec Heaters and Automation

ELMEC can trace its roots back to 1973 by the founder Mr.G Srinivasan in the name of Elmec plastic services. Now the company known as Elmec heaters and automation established in 1999.

With over 37 years of experience in the field of Heaters, sensors and controller, Our company had gained enough knowledge to assist our costumers to select suitable solution for there demands.
We design and manufacturers standard and tailor made Ceramic Band HeatersMica Band HeatersCartridge heatersTubular HeatersHot Runner Heaters, Micro coil heaters, Manifold HeatersHot Runner Controller, heating Equipments and thermocouple.
We are also an authorized distributor for Opkon, Maxthermo, Ceramicx, and Optris for the products of Linear Displacement Transducer, Rotary encoders, Pressure SensorInfrared Heaters, none contact thermocouples, Thermal Imaging systems , Temperature controllers, PLCs, and HMIs etc,.
Any product that we Manufacture are deal with, we assure the quality and standard on it.
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